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From composing a song for a Sony movie to starring in the 13 episode prime time Canadian TV series “Rocker Moms” to being nominated for a Boston Music Award for best female vocalist to playing seve

March 31, 2018 17: 43 PM | 0
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MAY 29
Reggae Sunday at Surfside: New Kingston
Sun 5 PM Blue Ocean Music Hall Salisbury, Salisbury

February 28, 2018 8: 29 AM | 0
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Yesai - Wicky Man Live!

YESAI - Wicky Man - LIVE - Paradise Rock Club Boston - YESAI play a SOLD OUT show at Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA on 5/6/16 with Badfish and Cornerstone
May 31, 2016 23: 45 PM | 0
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Yesai Video from the Paradise Rock Club

YESAI LIVE from The Paradise Rock Club SOLD OUT show with Badfish 5-6-16
May 31, 2016 0: 03 AM | 0
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Everything is Love

The new Video from Hand of the Tribe
March 31, 2016 2: 29 AM | 0
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Join together and feel the Bern!

Feel the Bern!
March 31, 2016 3: 32 AM | 0
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Hand of the Tribe

The new band I am in - see the video teaser in the news feed but don't forget all of the other projects that keep me so busy!
March 31, 2016 3: 05 AM | 0
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Teaser Clip from Hand of the Tribe

This is a teaser from the up and coming Hand of the Tribe releases.....Tear me apart.
March 31, 2016 4: 07 AM | 0
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